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Seacom means business with latest rollout

Seacom means business with latest rollout

Pan-African telecoms enabler Seacom has formally introduced its Seacom Business division to coastal South Africa, providing business customers in Cape Town and Durban with connectivity and cloud services.

In October 2015 the network connectivity services and undersea cable systems launched the business services silo with a view to push low latency fibre network and introduce services including fibre internet access, direct internet access, VPN and cloud.

At the time executive leadership of the silo announced a five year plan to generate 70% - 80% of revenue through partnerships, and the intention to scale the business to drive 20% - 30% of revenue.

In the most recent development, Seacom Business has confirmed that customers in Cape Town and Durban metropolitan areas will now be able to buy high-speed bandwidth solutions either directly from the silo or through its resellers.

The new service offerings include Fibre Internet Access with options ranging from dedicated 25Mbps up to 1Gbps.

"Seacom Business has placed dedicated sales teams in Durban and Cape Town to service demand (with the opening of an office in Cape Town in April 2016), and has also established channel partnerships with ICT resellers, Service Providers and Systems Integrators active on the coast," the company explains.

It also states that since the launch of its direct-to-business offerings in Gauteng, it has signed up an average of 60 corporate customers a month, and has appointed more than 65 partners.

"Seacom is leveraging the abundant and scalable capacity of its international undersea cable network and its continent-wide IP-MPLS platform to seamlessly allow business customers to take advantage of the benefits related to the transition to the cloud," the company's statement adds.

Grant Parker, Head of Seacom Business, says, "Across Gauteng, we're seeing great adoption of our fibre connectivity as well as of our private and outsourced network solutions. Now we're ready to bring our offerings to the coastal cities, where we see enormous pent-up demand for high-speed connectivity and quality bandwidth at affordable prices."

"We're also looking forward to working with our channel partners to help bring this next generation ICT enablement to coastal territories."

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