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MTN Zambia launches airtime trade initiative for subscribers

By , ITWeb’s Zambian correspondent.
Zambia , 05 Feb 2016

MTN Zambia launches airtime trade initiative for subscribers

MTN Zambia has launched an innovation called 'MTN Tamanga Be-Your Own Boss', which is designed to empower subscribers with the ability to be an entrepreneur.

The basic premise of the innovation is that subscribers link up with MTN's mobile money platform to trade in airtime.

At a launch presentation, MTN CEO Charles Molapisi said the innovation will help to combat unemployment in Zambia by offering every MTN subscriber the opportunity to become an economically active member of society.

"The MTN Tamanga Be-Your Own Boss gives all MTN Zambia subscribers an opportunity to purchase airtime in bulk via the MTN Mobile Money in order to resell it at a profit realised from commissions," Molapisi said.

The company describes MTN Tamanga as a unique way for subscribers to earn an income while also promoting Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD).

They add that no smartphones or special gadgets are required to be able to engage the service, and any device can be used - the only prerequisite being that it must be linked with an MTN mobile money account.

Prisca Chikwashi, CEO of the Zambia Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI), said the organisation would support MTN Zambia's effort to engage businesses at grassroots level and described the mobile operator as 'the voice of the private sector'.

"It was in ZACCI's interest to work with MTN Zambia and other stakeholders to develop and promote activities that had an impact on the economy," Chikwashi said.

She urged individuals (subscribers) to take up initiatives which were within their reach to make their living conditions better.

MTN is Zambia largest mobile phone operators with over 5 million subscribers. Last year, the company said it had 2.5 million mobile money customers and that it was working tirelessly to add all its subscribers to the mobile money platform.

According to last month's report by Helix Institute of Digital Finance, MTN Zambia currently holds 27% market share of the country's mobile money market and is second from Zoona.

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