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Nigeria’s Hyperspace seeks a share of digital assets security market

By , Nigeria correspondent
Nigeria , 20 Mar 2024
Hyperspace's founder and CEO, Oluseyi Akindeinde.
Hyperspace's founder and CEO, Oluseyi Akindeinde.

Nigerian Hyperspace Technologies, a blockchain and web3 technology company, has launched three new solutions to address digital asset security: the Keymaster VAULT, cipherKEY tap2sign, and cipherCHIP tap2verify.

The Keymaster VAULT is a card-based hardware wallet designed for crypto currency holders and those who own digital assets and non-fungible tokens.

While the cipherKEY tap2sign is another card-based contactless device, it allows users to authenticate ownership without using traditional passwords and securely maintains authentication information.

The cipherCHIP tap2verify is a chip-based system that uses Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to check the authenticity of products.

These solutions combine the capabilities of blockchain and NFC technology to protect digital assets.

In an interview with ITWeb Africa, Hyperspace's founder and CEO, Oluseyi Akindeinde, detailed the company's strategy to leveraging web3 and blockchain technical solutions, which he stated would ensure the protection of digital assets.

He said this will increase the confidence of digital asset owners while also creating an enabling ecosystem in which digital assets and data may be exchanged and processed freely without fear of imminent attack.

Akindeinde emphasised the critical need for enhanced awareness and care in securing digital assets in the cryptocurrency world.

He underlined the critical need for safe and dependable solutions: "We are bringing products that will be affordable to the African market while also spearheading capacity building and training initiatives to enhance understanding of web3, blockchain, and digital assets."

According to Akindeinde, hyperspace solutions are in line with the most recent innovations in the dynamic digital ecosystem.

He added that Hyperspace Technologies continues to redefine digital asset security through the integration of web3 and blockchain technology, and its products are positioned to have a far-reaching impact on the industry.

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