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Botswana pins digital hopes on quintuple innovation framework

Academics from the University of Botswana have underlined the strategic importance of online and blended e-learning as the institution enters a new frontier of development, with reference to collaboration with government and business to construct a quintuple innovation framework.,

Vice Chancellor Prof David Norris said the new frontier demands diversity in knowledge creation and to operate efficiently and effectively through online and blended e-learning environments.

It means a break away from what the Professor described as “inefficient, inaccessible, unscalable and often sub-democratic methods of the media-poor classroom environment.”

“The university grew from national need and we must respond to every national need. I’m glad to say that through the quintuple innovation framework we’re building with government, business, civil society and taking into consideration our natural environment, we are now actively involved in the whole value chain of research development and innovation,” said Prof Norris.

The University also says its transformation plans is aligned to that of the government’s transformation agenda to help achieve status as a high-income country with a knowledge-based economy by 2036.

University Chancellor Dr Tebelelo Seretse said the country needs policies to support this ambition, as well as more co-operation between the public and private sectors. “We can do that by investing in graduate education so that we produce entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, and inventors who can lead the country and the world.”

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