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EMEA region records strong for Huawei

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Africa , 21 Apr 2015

EMEA region records strong for Huawei

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region was the second highest contributor to Huawei's overall revenue in 2014, according vice president for accounting at Huawei, Fan Chan.

Chan was speaking at the 12th Huawei Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen, China and said the region recorded an increase of 20.2% year-on-year in 2014.

The EMEA region contributed 35% to the company's overall revenue in the last financial year, he stated.

According to Chan the telecoms equipment provider's strong growth was driven by infrastructure networks, provisional increase and smartphone sales.

"Huawei more than doubled its revenue compared to the same period in 2013. Revenue growth in the region was shared across Europe, Middle East and Africa," Chan noted.

Huawei's carrier network business unit is still the most profitable in the company representing more than 70% of the business.

The Chinese company provides services to more than 130 networks around the world, and has 174 long term evolution (LTE) networks across the globe.

Huawei's deputy chairman of the board and rotating chief executive officer, Eric Xu, meanwhile noted that their enterprise business unit represents the future of the company.

"Cloud will be the core enabler of Huawei's enterprise business," said Xu.

He added, "Carrier networks are Huawei today but the enterprise business is the future of Huawei."

Currently, Huawei's enterprise business contributed only 7% to overall growth in 2014.

By 2019 the telecoms equipment provider expects its enterprise business unit to be a $10 billion business.

* Simnikiwe is in Shenzhen, China for the 2015 Huawei Global Analyst Summit.

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