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MicroView launches customised video surveillance concept for SMEs and private households

Video surveillance often associates with expensive hardware and software plus complicated and time demanding installations. The new MicroView "Surveillance made Simple" concept completely breaks with this perception.

Video surveillance is a powerful weapon against all forms of vandalism, burglary, assault and theft. All surveys show that video surveillance effectively prevents incidents as well as facilitates police investigations.

Therefore, to make this powerful weapon easily accessible also to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as to common households, MicroView has developed an extremely easy-to-use and price-competitive surveillance concept.

The MicroView solution can be configurated from one up to 16 cameras, so it is very flexible, and it is extremely easy to install, based on a simple plug-and-play set-up, including both free VMS and an app solution for monitoring via smartphones and tablets.

MicroView surveillance concept: Flexible solutions from one to 16 cameras

The MicroView surveillance concept is based on a flexible and optional product range featuring both Mini Bullet, Mini Dome and Varifocal Dome analogue cameras as well as IP cameras, digital video recorders from four-channel to eight-channel and network video recorders from eight-channel to 16-channel plus suitable mounting accessories for all kinds of mounting.

From the MicroView product range different video surveillance solutions thus can be individually configured to fit the exact need of a customer.

The MicroView concept includes free of charge the MicroView MonitoringCenter, which is an easy-to-use video management software (VMS) – able to control the video recorders via PC or MAC. MicroView MonitoringCenter also includes the MicroView Monitoring Station App, for monitoring via smartphones and tablets.

MicroView MonitoringCenter VMS is included in all MicroView solutions completely free of start-up-fee and completely free of charge.

MicroView Monitoring Station App is also free of charge, and available from App Store and Google Play.

Perfect solution for SMEs and for private households

The target group for the MicroView surveillance concept are small and medium sized enterprises within all industries, and also private households are a perfect target audience for the MicroView concept with customised solutions for one to 16 cameras including free VMS.

The product line-up

The MicroView product line-up consists of two series: the aSERIES and the iSERIES. The aSERIES is analogue camera products and digital video recorders, whereas the iSERIES is IP-camera products and network video recorders.

To see the full product line-up please download the PDF-document (MicroView product catalogue) related to this press release. Please see below where also pictures can be found and downloaded.


The MicroView product assortment is provided by EET Europarts and resold by professional installation contractors, installers, electricians and security providors all over Europe.

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