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Richard Broeke takes the helm as Managing Director of Securicom

Richard Broeke takes the helm as Managing Director of Securicom

Specialist managed IT security services' company, Securicom has announced a new Managing Director. The man at the helm is Richard Broeke who has held the position of General Manager at the company for the past three years. A qualified CISSP, he has a wealth of experience in the IT sector, spanning over 20 years, with a special interest in guiding companies on implementing strategic solutions to address threats associated with an increasingly connected and mobile business environment.

He joined Securicom in 2006 and during his tenure at the company, which recently marked its 20 year anniversary, he has been involved in the development and marketing of the its end-to-end range of managed IT security solutions. He also established Securicom's Solutions Architect Division and was appointed to the executive committee in 2010.

Securicom's holistic suite of solutions provides comprehensive protection and intelligent monitoring for IT infrastructure, from the edge to the core. This includes endpoint security services, network security services, Cloud SIEM and SOC services, Cloud email security, mobility management and a security consulting practice. In addition Securicom is proud to be the agent for both Nuspire Networks and Cloudistics for Africa.

Brett Casey, co-founder and CEO of Securicom, says that he is confident in the decision to move Broeke into this new role as he has been intimately involved in the business for a long time and there is no doubt that the business will blossom with him leading the team.

Broeke says he is excited and honoured to be given the opportunity to lead Securicom into its next decade.

"This is an exciting challenge for me. Not only does it mark a new era for me, but it also marks a new era for Securicom. The company recently celebrated its second decade of business success in a competitive and challenging environment. It is obviously a tremendous privilege for me to lead the company which is on the cusp of taking the next step in its evolution. Securicom is well positioned for the future and I look forward to taking on the task of leading it there."

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