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Consumer body takes on MultiChoice Kenya

Kenya , 03 Sep 2015

Consumer body takes on MultiChoice Kenya

The Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek) has called on all Dstv subscribers in Kenya to boycott the service following its recent price adjustments.

Many subscribers also took to social media to air their disappointment of the new prices which has come into effect just five months after the most recent price review.

The consumer body launched a twitter hashtag: #BoycottDstvKE urging Kenyans not to pay any subscription fees and also sign an online petition in support of boycotting the service.

"Due to numerous complaints, from March 2015 to date, on the pay-tv service Dstv, Cofek has no option than rally behind Kenya consumers in seeking for a boycott to Dstv services.We contacted the Kenya office on August 31, 2015. No response is forthcoming," Cofek stated.

In a statement to newsrooms, Dstv said that the continued devaluation of the Kenya shilling against the dollar forced them to adjust their prices upwards. Dstv charges its customers in dollar rates and has to periodically adjust their prices.

Premium subscribers will be hard hit and will part with Kshs 9,400 per month from Kshs 8,200 per month to access the full channel list. The prices will be effective 1 October.

"The continuous depreciation of the Kenyan Shilling against the US Dollar has negatively impacted the business -this is similar to other imported services where costs are originated in US Dollars," the company said.

The Kenyan shilling has been under an all time low during the last three months hitting an exchange point of over Kshs 100 per dollar, from the average Kshs 80 to 90.

It added that, "For months, MultiChoice has held off passing through this price increase to subscribers and has absorbed the foreign exchange losses; however, it is no longer possible to avoid a price adjustment on Dstv subscriptions."

But Cofek's woes with the broadcaster has been long in the making. They took issue with the monopoly that Dstv has over the English Premier League, where they have an edge over competition.

Cofek is targeting over 100,000 signatures to force Dstv to drop its prices.

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