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Vodafone Ghana plans capping fixed line broadband service

Ghana , 26 Nov 2012

Vodafone Ghana plans capping fixed line broadband service

Telecommunications firm Vodafone Ghana plans to cap data on fixed-line broadband services, in a move aimed at reducing a ‘strain’ on the company’s network in the West African nation.

Currently, unlimited data packages are on offer for $25 per month for Vodafone subscribers. However, the provider plans to introduce capped packages beginning from 15 Gigabytes valid for 30days at about $36 per month.

The chief executive officer of Vodafone Ghana, Kyle Whitehill, says the mooted move is purely business-driven..

“In mobile data, 10% of the customer base consume 90% of the traffic, whilst in fixed broadband, 1% of the customers base consume 99% of the traffic.

"But this 1% is killing my network.

“I have to build to generate profit to invest back into the network,” said Whitehill.

He said he could not afford to provide the service at the current rates as he could not make some money to invest more in the network which is critical.

"So now I say get yourself unto a business tariff and get pay a premium and get a completely different service and, more bandwidth and better service,” Whitehill said.

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