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Uganda's tech future just got a lot brighter

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Uganda , 06 Apr 2016

Uganda's tech future just got a lot brighter

Huawei and the Ministry of ICT in Uganda have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to entrench the goals of the Seeds for the Future program at the Huawei Uganda Technology Festival in Kampala.

Government officials, academia and telecom companies are attending the festival, underway until 8 April, with the aim of promoting ICT literacy and awareness in the East African Country.

Hon. John Nasasira, Minister of ICT in Uganda, said of the agreement, "Today marks a continued and more beneficial partnership through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. This MOU is beneficial to Ugandans, government and the general ICT industry in Uganda. Some of the Key components include: both parties to promote of ICT literacy and awareness to the government, academic institutions and the general public through workshops to expose public to particular and general technologies. Huawei being an ICT leader with heavy investment in research and development, we expect to benefit as the Ministry from this partnership."

Stanley Chyn, Managing Director of Huawei Uganda elaborated on the implications of the MoU. "Huawei intends to provide expertise and knowledge transfer to government, academia and the general public through workshops through this MOU. Huawei shall also support the ministry in joint events, work with the ministry to bridge the digital divide under the program Seeds for the Future and work together as a partner in regard to technology."

The Seeds for the Future program has already been implemented in other parts of the world and has seen more than 1 500 students from more than 150 universities travel to Huawei's Shenzhen headquarters for an opportunity to learn about latest trends in the technology industry.

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