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In Botswana, Liquid introduces the Gaborone Metro Ring

By , ITWeb
Botswana , 14 Aug 2023
Liquid Botswana Management team.
Liquid Botswana Management team.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies has introduced the Gaborone Metro Ring, a secure communications network for Botswana's local enterprises.

According to Liquid, the Metro Ring will be implemented in two phases, with the first phase aiming to benefit hundreds of businesses and the second phase incorporating additional connections.

Increased access to high-speed fibre connectivity, according to the company owned by Cassava Tech, is essential for enhancing not only telecommunication services for businesses and individuals, but also substantial social and economic benefits.

The Metro Ring, according to Liquid, is a significant achievement in the telecommunications infrastructure of Gaborone, demonstrating the successful collaboration between the public and private sectors to advance technology for Botswana's benefit.

Odirile Tamajobe, managing director of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Botswana, explains, "The launch of the first phase will reduce tariffs for local and international data products, making them more accessible to small and medium businesses that were previously at a disadvantage compared to the larger enterprises."

Tamajobe continues, "This initiative is a significant step towards Botswana realising its potential as one of Africa's expanding economic hubs. The completion of the first phase demonstrates Liquid's dedication to meeting the increasing demand for connectivity and aligns with our vision of a digitally connected Botswana where no one is left behind."

According to Liquid, the initiative also supports the government's strategic plan, Botswana Vision 2036, which aims to raise the country's economic status from upper-middle-income to high-income within the next thirteen years.

"It serves as a prime example of progress towards Botswana's ambitious goals through technological development," the company explains.

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