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Jasco in Namibian Broadcasting Corporation digital migration deal

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South Africa , 28 Oct 2013

Jasco in Namibian Broadcasting Corporation digital migration deal

South Africa's Jasco group is set to help the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) with its digital migration efforts.

As a member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Namibia has to meet the June 2015 deadline set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to migrate from an analogue to a digital transmission signal.

And according to a press statement, Jasco plans to provide NBC with a multichannel control room for the monitoring of ongoing satellite DVB-S signal and the terrestrial DVB-T2 signals through its broadcast solutions.

This will ensure that both outgoing and off air television signals are closely monitored for compliance purposes, and that any breakdowns can be identified and resolved in the shortest possible time, according to the statement.

Hoosein Moolla, sales executive for Africa at Jasco Broadcast Solutions, said, "NBC relies on being able to provide uninterrupted transmission, both for customer satisfaction purposes and to meet their own compliance objectives. Monitoring their digital terrestrial signal is a critical component of this, and the solution we have delivered will track the complete route, from the final control room through to transmission along with incoming feeds."

The solution also comprises of ‘best-of-breed product sets’, including 32-input multi-format routers that are expandable to 64-input, displays for viewing in the control room, and an IP monitoring system for satellite and terrestrial signals.

"The new control room will enable NBC to ensure that all transmissions that are scheduled for broadcast do in fact occur, and that alerts around breaks in transmission are escalated correctly to ensure speedy resolution,” added Moolla.

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