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Dell Precision - The powerful cross-industry solution

Dell Precision desktop and mobile workstations, available to the South African and SADC channel from official distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), have been designed for industries that require extreme performance and reliability, taking on the most demanding data-and-graphics-intensive workloads.

Dell Precision which includes the 3000, 5000 and 7000 series, is optimised for high-performance industries such as healthcare, financial services, engineering, education, design and energy to name a few. The Dell precision workstation desktop and mobile portfolio is all about creating and working without limits.

Dell Precision mobile workstations offers a combination of extreme battery life, powerful processor configurations and large storage options - users can stay connected and deliver on their mission-critical projects wherever they are.

“The Dell Precision range features the latest processors, next-gen graphics, display options and exceptional battery life; it’s a powerhouse solution that provides our channel partners with a compelling and diverse offering. With Dell Precision you readily meet the unique, industry-specific demands of your customers,” comments Jaco Erasmus, enterprise manager: Dell EMC at DCC.

Financial services

In the financial services market, for example, Dell Precision workstations enable traders to see more of the market, crunch more data and find hidden margin with faster software. Dell Precision offers the following benefits:

• A stable and reliable platform for professional grade analytics;

• The power to access massive, complex, evolving data sets;

• Situational awareness traders need. Output to up to eight displays at once; and

• Robust security to protect sensitive data,


Optimised for healthcare, the Dell Precision range workstations were designed together with doctors, clinical researchers and specialists. It brings the reality of connecting patient records and images together in one central database and seamless radiology workflow management solution:

• Healthcare workers benefit from precise and fast image processing that are critical for quality patient care;

• Images and corresponding data load quickly with the high-end performance and features; and

• Advanced multi-core processors, large memory expansion and high-resolution OpenGL graphics display offers detailed 3D images.

Architecture and design

The new Dell Precision 7740 mobile workstation offers an immersive experience and optimised for architects, designers and developers. It features a 17.3-inch screen and is made with premium materials and professional components.

The 7740 is VR and AI-ready and is designed to help users bring their most data-heavy, graphic-intensive ideas to life from complex CAD designs for the latest architectural masterpiece or futuristic car, to game-changing machine learning projects and AI infrastructure transitions.

The Precision 7740 will allow users to push the boundaries of science and innovation while keeping applications running smoothly.

Dell Precision workstations are Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certified and equipped with Dell Precision Optimiser software - an intelligent solution that automatically tailors the system’s settings to get the best software performance.

Dell Precision Optimiser automatically tunes workstations to run applications at the fastest speeds possible, enhancing productivity while improving systems reliability with automated updates that enable users resource bottlenecks with analytics.

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