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Huawei's security warning to Botswana

Huawei's security warning to Botswana

International ICT technologies provider Huawei has warned companies in Botswana to acknowledge existence of cyber crime, urging companies to be proactive.

Gao Wenli, director for Multi-Country Representative Office of Huawei East and South Africa pleaded with companies in Botswana to join the Huawei cybercrime campaign under the banner: 'Assume nothing, Believe no-one and Check everything'.

Companies in Botswana have recently been hit by a wave of website hack attacks that resulted in data loss on the websites of several publishers and law firms.

Wenli said despite the benefits that individuals and companies enjoy from digital and broadband revolution – age-old real world evils ranging from vandalism, theft and disruption to espionage and willful destruction have naturally gravitated to the new digital environment.

"Cyber security continues to be an issue of intense interest to governments, to our customers and to vendors alike; it is a focus of Huawei and cyber security assurance is one of our core company strategies," said Wenli.

"Huawei views building and fully implementing an end-to-end global cyber security assurance system as a key corporate strategy and considers cyber security a shared global challenge. Global collaboration among customers, suppliers, and policy and law makers is crucial to meaningfully addressing global cyber security threats," he added.

Government has applauded the Huawei initiative to drive Botswana towards a community that is risk proactive.

"We all desire a safe and secure internet and secure cyber space for us all, for our kids and for future generations. Cyber-security requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders to ensure a secure cyberspace and future for the country's technological infrastructure," said director of transport and communications Neil Fitt.

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