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Cameroon wants more start-ups to champion EdTech

By , Freelance Investigative Journalist
Cameroon , 12 Sep 2022

Cameroon’s government has urged start-up businesses to champion the role of ICT in education.

The country’s National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies (ANTIC) has called on fledgling entrepreneurs to “promote and make accessible” technology to help ensure the education sector does not fall behind in terms of digital transformation.

Speaking during a three-day forum focused on the use of ICT to address socio-economic challenges and enhance the quality of education, ANTIC Director General Ebot Ebot Enaw said: “As can be observed from current trends, before the outbreak of the COVD-19, our government was in the process of developing adequate policies that facilitate the integration of emerging technologies into a didactic approach that harmoniously structures knowledge and teaching methods, with a view to improving the quality of teaching and learning.”

Several start-ups attended the forum, including Simpala, BNRLabs, Miya Academy, Dastudy, EduAirBox, Cameroon GCE Guide, Cambio-Dev, Rapmis, Prepdia, Tootree, and IWIN APP’S.

Enaw added that the event will help start-ups to adapt their tools and solutions “to the realities on the ground” and connect young innovators focused on EdTech roll out with the education sector.

He said the government remains committed to efforts to improve the use a variety of online learning platforms to develop competencies in the use of media, virtual collaboration, as well as provide teaching materials and relevant content.

The ANTIC boss also challenged ISPs to improve the quality of internet connectivity, for learners in both urban and rural communities.

Cameroon said ICT and the digital economy are integral to its strategy to emerge as an upper-middle income country by 2035. 

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