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RadixTrie bolsters technical support offering with new acquisition

RadixTrie is thrilled to announce its acquisition of The CNC Institute. Not only will this acquisition afford RadixTrie an increase in capacity, but it also results in a stronger value proposition to afford further opportunities to expand through Africa and globally.

“RadixTrie is set to celebrate a very successful financial year, largely thanks to the growth of our loyal customers and the trust of existing new customers. The acquisition of The CNC Institute continues in our tradition of providing exceptional technical services,” according to Bernard van Niekerk, Managing Director at RadixTrie.

RadixTrie’s core offering is database support and optimisation for Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. The team is made up of highly experienced, senior technical specialists with a strong drive to create predictable outcomes for clients.

The CNC Institute, on the other hand, specialises in Oracle’s JD Edwards CNC, which ensures that hardware, operating systems, databases, and web servers all communicate correctly and efficiently to support critical business processes for large enterprises.

“RadixTrie supports several Oracle products, including the database, WebLogic, Middleware and so on. Since JD Edwards is an Oracle product, we are hoping to complement that offering by adding another product to the RadixTrie stable,” says Raymond Sowden, Founder at The CNC Institute.

By bringing The CNC Institute under the RadixTrie umbrella, the company can offer clients a comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing data, supported by established technical veterans.

“In my experience, The CNC Institute’s experienced team has a solid reputation, and their values are very much in line with ours - especially in terms of customer-centricity and always striving to find ways to improve client offerings,” says RadixTrie’s Director of Operations, Tracy Odendaal.

“Because they offer such a specialised skill set, we’ll also gain exposure to local and global customers that we may not have otherwise come across.”

Having worked together previously, RadixTrie and The CNC Institute partner on several international clients, including telecommunication services giant, NTT North America and real estate leader, JLL. JD Edwards is a popular choice of ERP for clients in Europe, Australia, and North America, and RadixTrie looks forward to this new chapter as a springboard further into Africa and the international market.

The CNC Institute Intellectual Innovation

The CNC Institute developed a robust monitoring and automation tool focused on JD Edwards technology components, which offers monitoring and alerting, broad overviews, detailed insights, customised reporting, and automation of repetitive maintenance tasks.

A view of the JDE monitoring tool.
A view of the JDE monitoring tool.

The tool, integrated with OpsGenie and The CNC Institute’s helpdesk, offers a holistic, real-time view of the customers’ entire estate. The dashboard allows technicians to see, in an instant, see if there is an issue for a client, and aids in improving productivity, resource efficiency, and customer experience.

“While RadixTrie already offers database monitoring, this tool will complement our existing advanced optimisation and efficiency support, and will accelerate our journey towards unified database monitoring,” says Odendaal.

To find out more about RadixTrie, and to keep up to date with their latest news, visit www.radixtrie.com or send an email to info@radixtrie.com 

* Article first published on www.itweb.co.za

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