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Obscure Technologies separates SD-WAN myth from fact

Francois van Hirtum, Managing Director Elect, Obscure Technologies.
Francois van Hirtum, Managing Director Elect, Obscure Technologies.

Cyber security specialist, Obscure Technologies, has embarked on a campaign to shine a spotlight on SD-WAN myths and reveal the facts behind the software-defined wide area network technology. "SD-WAN is a veritable minefield of myth in the market. It is our goal to separate fact from fiction and thereby empower businesses to make implementation decisions based on knowledge and advice from our leading technology experts in the arena, and not on hearsay," says Francois van Hirtum, CTO at Obscure Technologies. 

Van Hirtum itemises the major myths surrounding SD-WAN and exposes the facts as follows:

Myth 1: All SD-WANs require hybrid WANs. Not true!

Fact: SD-WAN facilitates a centralised network management that incorporates hybrid WANs, thereby integrating diverse edge links. Automation simplifies the implementation by using multiple links based on priority levels. It also serves to highlight the broader scope of SD-WAN technology beyond hybrid WAN deployments.

Myth 2: SD-WAN is synonymous with WAN optimisation – also not true.

Fact: WAN optimisation enhances bandwidth efficiency with data compression and deduplication technologies. It mitigates latency and congestion issues on the WAN

It involves deploying customer premises equipment at both ends, which are typically managed by IT departments for comprehensive network and application optimisation. This differs from SD-WAN, which centrally manages networks.

Myth 3: All SD-WAN solutions enable global cloud migration – they do not!

Fact: Many SD-WAN vendors lack direct connectivity to cloud services – this impedes cloud migration. It's important to understand that adoption of SD-WAN/hybrid WAN architecture may entail lengthy deployment timelines for MPLS links. It also limits connectivity to cloud service providers, which in turn necessitates a trade-off between application performance and organisational agility.

Myth 4: SD-WAN eliminates the need for MPLS – incorrect!

Fact: SD-WAN streamlines traffic management with real-time routing across diverse connections. Traditional MPLS often backhauls traffic, impacting application performance. MPLS is reliable but it is expensive and not designed for high volumes from cloud and SaaS. SD-WAN is preferable for managing various connections and optimising paths.

Despite the advantages of SD-WAN, MPLS is expected to persist in WANs due to its reliability.

Myth 5: SD-WAN provides LAN-like performance in a WAN – no, it does not!

Fact: SD-WAN enhances remote network performance by evaluating and prioritising data flows constrained by the limitations of the underlying WAN circuits. SD-WAN optimises critical and latency-sensitive data paths, but it does not provide LAN-like capabilities. SD-WAN operates within the constraints of the combined circuits' speed and reliability. "Companies must arm themselves with the right information and advice – to do that in the field of SD-WAN, Obscure Technologies is the business partner to talk to – our reservoir of IP and incomparably specialised support professionals is second to none," he concludes.

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