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Futures digital asset exchange OKEx enters Africa

Africa , 23 Sep 2019

Futures digital asset exchange OKEx enters Africa

Global spot and futures digital asset exchange OKEx is hosting events across Africa to mark its entry into the continent.

Based in Malta, OKEx is a digital asset exchange that offers comprehensive digital asset trading services including fiat-to-token trading, spot trading, and derivatives trading to traders globally with blockchain technology.

Currently, the exchange offers over 400 token and futures trading pairs enabling users to optimise their strategies, with a focus on providing resources that facilitate blockchain adoption in emerging markets.

Africa is now a major focus, with company leaders hosting a series of meetups this month in African cities, including Lagos, Cape Town, and Accra, with further events planned for Nairobi, Kenya and Osogbo, Nigeria.

While unstable political environments and the depreciation of fiat currencies in Africa have prompted citizens to move their assets to crypto or alternative investment opportunities, many people have still encountered challenges in safely and securely buying, trading, and managing their digital assets, OKEx said. The platform aims to change all that.

"Cryptocurrency exchanges have a responsibility to their customers to provide a safe, secure, and user-friendly experience," said Andy Cheung, OKEx's head of operations, who grew up in South Africa.

"Our goal at OKEx is to usher in a new era of cryptocurrency adoption in Africa, and we'll do this by providing a level of approachability and professionalism that thus far has not been delivered in this ecosystem."

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