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Ghana’s Rancard deploys voice app service

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Ghana , 24 Jun 2013

Ghana’s Rancard deploys voice app service

Ghana based company Rancard announced that it has deployed an interactive voice application service using ‘Media Gateways’ tech from Squire Technologies.

Rancard is a social recommendations technology firm for mobile content and services. It operates the service, which connects service providers to mobile operators across Africa, the Middle East and parts of Europe.

Meanwhile, Squire Technologies is a provider of internet protocol (IP) telecommunications products and solutions.

According to a company statement, the voice application service -- which operates using the Rancard Mobility Content Server (RMCS) & Rendezvous technologies -- is planned to boost revenues by delivering targeted content from global and regional media players to mobile subscribers based on their interests.

The Rancard voice content platform connects with Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) networks of telecom operators to supply their mobile users’ new services over the voice channel, the statement reads.

“We were looking for a provider who had a strong track record with SS7, VoIP, and could be easily integrated with platform APIs for RMCS and Rendezvous,” said Rancard’s chief information officer, Ebo Bentil.

“Squire easily proved they met these criteria,” he added.

Zacc Couldrick, Squire Technologies’ regional sales manager for Africa, said his company’s experience in providing this service was a key factor to being chosen.

“The fact that we could demonstrate our experience in SS7, SS7 to VoIP and SMS both in the African market and globally was clearly an important factor,” he said.

“This has been a great project for us to work on using many of our core strengths and we’re always especially keen to work on networks which provide such innovative solutions and services,” said Couldrick.

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