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Zambia: revenue body wants more from mobile

By , ITWeb’s Zambian correspondent.
Zambia , 20 Mar 2015

Zambia: revenue body wants more from mobile

Zambia's Revenue Authority has called for a robust rollout of mobile money services in order to help it accelerate the development of electronic payment system.

The system facilitates electronic submission of tax returns, which the Authority says will alleviate the problem of long queues of people rushing to meet tax payment deadlines.

However, the country's revenue collection agency said its online payment system will only be effective and meaningful if stakeholders, including banks, mobile phone operators and mobile payment vendors, up the pace of delivery of services.

Zambia Revenue Authority Commissioner General Berlin Msiska said, "The Zambia Revenue Authority online payment system will promote efficiency in the payment of tax obligations. Therefore banks and mobile payment vendors should help accelerate the development of the electronic payment system," Msiska said.

Last year, the Bank of Zambia added its voice to a call for the country's mobile phone operators to double up on efforts to ensure greater uptake of mobile money services.

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