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Building customer
value with D365

Reducing customer acquisition costs with the help of AI


Wednesday 29 March 2023 | Online
A complimentary ITWeb Webinar brought to you in partnership with Mint Group

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Date: 29 March 2023

Time: 11:00 (GMT+2)

Duration: 60 minutes

Understand and maximise customer value in the financial services sector!

Attracting a new customer costs five times more than keeping an existing one, but many organisations still focus most of their efforts on new customer acquisition.

Mint Group, a Microsoft Gold Partner, invites you to this webinar to learn how AI-enabled tools enhance customer retention to measurably improve the bottom line, and how your FSI organisation can maximise its relationship with existing customers.

Our experts will outline how your organisation can achieve increased visibility into customer needs, lead customers down the pipeline faster, close more deals and get better insights from unified data, and collaboration and productivity tools. Learn how AI-enabled customer data analytics allows organisations to segment customers objectively and quantitatively, based on dynamic predictions of expected future value.

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools bring CRM and ERP together to help you build relationships, improve the customer experience and grow business revenue. You will learn how Dynamics 365 Sales accelerates sales by using customer, marketing, and sales data to identify ideal customer targets, recommend next best actions, and collaborate with peers. See how Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to engage with customers one on one, at scale, to build meaningful relationships and grow your business, and how Dynamics 365 Customer Insights transforms customer data into actionable insights and better understand customer behaviour using digital analytics. You’ll also find out how to use the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform to personalise experiences, guided by AI and data-driven insights.

Who should attend?

If improving sales and customer relationships matter to you, this event is for you! Including:





CX & EX Directors & managers

CRM managers

Sales & Marketing Directors & managers




James Francis, writer and ITWeb Brainstorm contributor


Assessing and maximising lifetime customer value

Charl Amin, Director, Microsoft Africa Financial Services


Building customer lifetime value with D365

Charl Amin, Director, Microsoft Africa Financial Services


Learn how real-world customers across Africa have enhanced customer lifetime value and reduced the costs of growing their customer bases

Dennis Lupambo, Mint Africa Executive, Mint Management Technologies (Pty) Ltd


The Mint value proposition

Dennis Lupambo, Mint Africa Executive, Mint Management Technologies (Pty) Ltd


Q&A and closing

James Francis, writer and ITWeb Brainstorm contributor

Why should you attend?

Learn how to measure and maximise customer lifetime value.

Hear how leading organisations have used AI to drive customer segmentation for increased profits.

Discover how to personalise and improve the customer experience with connected, unified data.

See how predicting customer intent and empowering teams boosts revenues.

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