Quality Connect is a proudly South African company with over 25 years’ of excellence in contact centre, telecommunications and customer engagement solutions.

Making an Impact in the Contact Centre World

Cloud Contact Centre Communication
With cloud communications, traditional office based contact centres can take on new locations, grow and contact workforces as your business demands it.

Communicate thoughtful, personalised solutions
Assist agents with well thought out and intelligent feedback directly impacting the problem at hand.

Use automation to respond efficiently
Customers expect answers to their problems now. Use technology that provides on-the-fly answers, eliminating the cost of human resources

Digital Transformation
Application of advanced contact centre capabilities like Omni-Channel, human to machine or machine to machine communication via IoT is key for competitive businesses.

Delightful customer experiences
Don’t just provice answers. Delightful proactive experiences remove customer frustration and improves brand loyalty.

Tailor the experience to the customer
No two customers are alike. Each customer has their unique needs. Adapt your communication to align with each customer to build rapport.

Solve for the customer, not your convenience
Satisfy customers long-term needs to make a difference. Go above and beyond on every interaction instead of just providing a short-term solution.

Help customers across different service mediums
Adapting to a persons channel of choice is crucial to providing an Omni-Channel experience.
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