We provide network visibility and analytics on all traffic across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure to solve for critical security and performance needs – freeing you to drive digital innovation.

NET OPS – Simplify Operations

Network growing in speed and complexity? Gigamon helps you meet your performance goals while keeping tool and network costs under control. Gain visibility and control across your infrastructure – physical, virtual and cloud. Build a more agile network- that’s ready for any digital or cloud transformation initiative.

INFOSEC -Defend your enterprise

Visibility is foundational to security – you can’t secure what you can’t see. Gigamon eliminates blinds spots across your network. Detect encrypted and hidden command-and-control channels, malware activities, unauthorized data exfiltration and more, quicker. Accelerate response time and investigative cycles with contextual network and application metadata. 

CLOUD OPS – De-Risk Cloud Migrations

Retain visibility and control as workload move to virtual or public cloud environments. Extend your security posture to the public cloud by leveraging cloud-based tools to analyze VM and container traffic. Manage multi cloud deployments with one unified visibility platform.

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