Gary Allemann

In times of recession, can you afford NOT to invest in data management?

In reality, many organisations still do not understand their data landscape, and there is a huge amount of redundancy and duplication around data.
Gary Allemann
Aug 30, 2023

What is AI governance and why do we need it?

Make no mistake, ChatGPT is popularising Artificial Intelligence to the masses and certainly can add tremendous value for selected use cases.
Aug 25, 2023

How much is big data worth? A lot, when it’s quality data

It is a known fact that big data is essential for business, assuming you can trust your data.

Poor Data Maintenance Leads to Data ‘Load shedding’

The term data ‘load shedding’ is used to refer to the consequences that arise from not properly maintaining and managing data.
Jul 14, 2023

Data: a concise word for a tremendous amount of information

It should be clear that strategies for managing and getting value from data have to change to manage this new complexity.
Jun 19, 2023

The Three W's of Data Quality: Why, Who, What

Data quality is critical because it directly impacts business decisions.
Jun 5, 2023

If you want to monetise data, data integrity is essential

Making money from data – whether selling data to third parties or developing data products – has become an essential revenue stream in a digital world.
Apr 21, 2023

The business benefits of data optimisation

Effective use of that unique pool of information and data optimisation can be the key to the business's continuing success in a highly competitive environment says Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management.
Mar 23, 2023

Developing a solid-foundation of data literacy knowledge in the country – can help stop outsourcing our economy

Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management, says the increasing reliance on data means that there is a need for businesses to look at investing in skills development as the country is sitting at a crossroads.
Mar 8, 2023

What is a Data Breach and How Can I Protect Myself?

You may not be able to prevent a data breach from happening, but you can take steps to safeguard your personal information and minimise the risk of identity theft.

Teaching AI and robotics concepts in business courses

As business education evolves, companies will have rising access to professionals who can make better decisions says Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management.
Oct 12, 2020

It’s ‘do or die’ time re digital transformation

Data agility will determine how businesses emerge from crisis says Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management.