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Elo TouchSystems – unique range of touch screen products

Elo TouchSystems – unique range of touch screen products

Tactile Technologies, the official and sole distributor of Elo TouchSystems in sub-Saharan Africa, today formally announced the latest iterations of the latter's wide range of high quality and innovative touch screen products.

"The All-in-One Desktop Touch Computers range, ie, touch monitors with built-in computers, now includes 15-inch, 17-inch and 19-inch versions, with a 22-inch option coming shortly, and is available with the traditional 4:3 ratio or wide-screen format," commented Mauro Mercuri, Managing Director of Tactile Technologies.

"Users are now looking for a single integrated product rather than a computer and a separate touch screen, as this reduces the footprint necessary for the device and is ergonomically more friendly."

"The Interactive Digital Signage touch displays, 32-inch, 42-inch and 46-inch, offer versatility across multiple market segments by engaging the user through interactivity with the software," continued Mercuri.

"The professional touch displays developed for heavy duty use can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation. These units are also available with a built-in PC or can be purchased separately, and come with slots in the back that in essence turns them into very large touch computers. Furthermore, even larger displays (52-inch and 65-inch) will become available later in the year."

"The Desktop monitor range, which includes 15-inch, 19-inch and 22-inch devices, are now also available in a wide screen format," concluded Mercuri. "This format is rapidly becoming the new 'standard', as an increasing number of applications are now developed with this capability in mind."

Across all these three product ranges, the usual ELO features apply, viz:

* They are designed for touch from scratch by ELO themselves;
* They are manufactured by ELO;
* There is a choice of touch technologies; and
* There is choice of peripherals such as MSR, FPR, pole displays that are available as additional options.

For further information, please contact Mauro Mercuri: tel 021 551 2992, e-mail

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