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Cost/benefit of saturation management over bandwidth upgrade

With the marked increase in internet usage, lines are becoming saturated and response times are slowing. The first instinct of service providers is to recommend that you upgrade your lines. We firmly believe that this is not only an unnecessary additional cost, but that it will ultimately not resolve the saturation issues!

LucidView has always promoted that internet traffic management be considered before upgrades are done. Saturation management amounts to upgrading the line by between 50% and 100% at a fraction of the cost as it resolves the line saturation in an intelligent way.

Using LucidView’s Enforcer Saturation Manager, you are able to customise and shape the available bandwidth based on content. Low priority activities, such as updates, downloads and streaming, should not impact more important systems. For example, streaming services and YouTube are designed to ramp up to the highest resolution available. Our Saturation Manager ensures that, when business-critical activities need priority, resolution on streaming services drop. The Saturation Manager thereby ensures that streaming and YouTube don’t impact more critical systems.

The reality is that upgrading your line without internet traffic management will likely not improve response times, as bandwidth-greedy activities such as streaming, updates and downloads will simply take advantage of the faster line and continue to saturate the link at the expense of other, more critical, applications.

We believe that best practice dictates that when critical applications are slow, it is time to introduce bandwidth management, and only when low priority traffic times out is it time to consider upgrading the line.

WAN upgrades are a costly option and seldom solve the problem. Cost/benefit ratio of saturation management is, therefore, obvious as saturation management is faster, cheaper and more effective than upgrading the line capacity.

The LucidView Enforcer Solution is designed to run on MikroTik RouterOS and is 100% free for small to medium organisations and ISPs.

* Article first published on www.itweb.co.za

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