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Advantech promotes IIoT industry chains with solution-ready packages

Advantech promotes IIoT industry chains with solution-ready packages

Advantech, a leading company in intelligent systems (stock symbol: 2395), today held its investors' conference. After working to build an industrial IoT (IIoT) ecosystem throughout the first half of 2018, the company has announced plans to aggressively promote its Solution-Ready Packages (SRPs) and continue working with partners in co-creating the industrial ecosystem for the remainder of the year.

By incorporating the concept of edge intelligence and integrating wireless, display, and storage technologies, Advantech plans to improve its strategic orientation by quickly applying embedded IoT technology in different industries and establishing itself as a leader in the IIoT sector. The company further reported on the progress of the upcoming "Advantech IoT Co-creation Summit," which will take place on November 1~2 in Suzhou, China. Over one hundred clients, co-creation partners, and media representatives are confirmed to have signed up for the summit, marking the start of the next stage of IoT development.

Allan Yang, Advantech's Chief Technology Officer, stated that the key to applying IIoT to different industries lies in collaboration and integration between IIoT technology and expert companies. This is expected to lead to the creation of standardized and replicable SRPs that combine hardware and software systems. These SRPs can then be installed by system integrators, thus forming comprehensive regional solutions and creating an IIoT industry chain. By combining IoT and world-leading embedded edge computing systems, Advantech has further built the WISE-PaaS IoT Edge Intelligence platform to realise the speedy construction and deployment of various IIoT solutions, including SRP cloud services.

Advantech's SRP co-creation model with its business partners has proven effective in promoting an industry solution ecosystem. Advantech exhibited its co-created solutions in late June at the Linkou IoT Campus and early August and Kunshan A+TC, and these included solutions for fleet management, intelligent healthcare, system integration, Industry 4.0, and smart factory system integration, equipment protocol conversion, remote operation and maintenance services for CNC machines, smart parking, electric vehicle charging, equipment vibration monitoring, and RTLS for smart hospitals, some of which have already been applied in commercial operations. More co-creation SRPs are expected to be released, and they will be featured in November's "Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit."

With regard to Advantech's embedded IoT technology and strategic developments, Miller Chang, President of Advantech's Embedded-IoT Group, expects quick progress in two aspects: First, Advantech will incorporate the edge intelligence concept into the design of embedded products (e.g., boards and systems) to enhance their competitiveness and expand their application in different industries and fields, including self-service kiosks and automated equipment IEM. Second, Advantech will be actively adopting wireless (NB-IoT), display (curved displays), and storage (3D NAND) technologies in the development of accessory module products and solutions. This is expected to assist system developers in quickly implementing all kinds of IoT applications.

Linda Tsai, President of Advantech's Industrial-IoT (IIoT) Group, stated that Advantech's IIoT Group had enjoyed excellent results over the last two years—particularly in the Greater China Region—thanks to developments in intelligent manufacturing. To further establish itself in the IIoT market, the company has adopted a two-pronged approach. On one hand, Advantech will develop focused product strategies for different markets and sales channels while increasing the number of sales channel partners and volume of online retailing. On the other hand, the company will pursue a focused development approach for its internal divisions, search for outstanding co-creation partners, and create a global IoT.SENSE team. Local sales teams will continue to receive support with software technology such as WISE-PaaS and other SRPs, the aim of which is to boost SRP sales to promote IIoT in different regions.

Finally, regarding the "Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit" scheduled for November 1~2 at the Suzhou International Expo Center, more than a hundred clients, co-creation partners, and media representatives have confirmed their participation. The event is expected to attract approximately 6,000 attendees. Participants will be demonstrating the outcomes of their co-creations and presenting a diverse range of professional views on current and future developments. The event will include 100 in-depth discussion seminars on IoT-related topics, the display of 30 IoT solutions (AIoT.SRP) co-created with business partners, and innovative applications in key industry domains by 50 co-creation partners. The company is inviting all clients and partners to join in the celebration.

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