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Zimbabwe’s Tano Digital moves HQ to Botswana

Tefo Noke, Tano Botswana's country general manager.
Tefo Noke, Tano Botswana's country general manager.

Zimbabwe-born Tano Digital Solutions, a pan-African tech company, has relocated its headquarters to Gaborone after acquiring Altron businesses in Botswana, and Mozambique, last year as part of its regional expansion plans.

The company says the establishment of a headquarters in Gaborone is planned to deliver new tech solutions and drive the expansion of local expertise in Botswana.

Tano Digital Solutions group CEO Wallen Mangere stated that the company's relocation to Botswana will support local industries and cultivate a trained workforce, with a substantial influence on the region, while the company seeks more prospects on the continent.

"We are not simply entering a new market; we are committing to being an economic driver in Botswana," Mangere added, emphasising Tano's desire to establish a hub for IT talent and innovation in Botswana.

He stated that the organisation intends to reshape Botswana's IT landscape through technical innovation.

Tano Botswana country general manager Tefo Noke expressed similar comments, stating that the company plans to construct a SAP delivery hub in the country that will act as the company's operational centre.

According to him, the centre would provide a variety of innovative services, including those aimed at addressing the SAP skills gap in Southern Africa and the surrounding region.

"When fully operational, our SAP Delivery Centre has the capacity to employ up to 100 people.This not only benefits our SAP products but also creates job chances for the local workforce," explained Noke.

Noke stated that the company seeks to expand the market by exporting key skills and ensuring that Botswana remains competitive in the global technology industry.

"This expansion is a win-win, allowing us to support local businesses while delivering exceptional IT solutions," Noke said, adding that the company aims to contribute to the growth of local knowledge

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