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Skills shortage? At IntelliTech Consulting, we have you covered.

Pani Harito.
Pani Harito.

With the increased reliance on technology during the pandemic, strategic IT consulting services became one of the most requested activities within consulting. IT consulting services have a proven value in various business types, from start-ups and small businesses to big corporations. However, IT consulting is a broad and complex concept that is often misunderstood.

With the evolution of business and technological advancement, information technology (IT) in business went from being an avoidable luxury to a fundamental necessity. Information technology today refers to all kinds of software and hardware used to manage a range of business processes.

The global technology industry is projected to reach $5 trillion in 2021 according to IDC, with new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) soon reaching $1 trillion in annual revenue. In the IT industry, technological disruption and innovation are closely knit together, with efficiency as a prime directive. Technological disruption in business results in improved data management, faster operations, wider information distribution, and smarter apps. Innovation increases value, boosts productivity, and enhances the quality of products and services.

An information technology consulting company such as IntelliTech Consulting, leverages a team of experts holding diverse expertise at well-justified cost. Moreover, they are armed with a myriad of tools proven to provide fresh solutions for a particular business niche.

IntelliTech helps organisations take advantage of technology developments to increase revenue and provide better customer experiences. They are versed in the most popular subsectors of the IT consulting industry, specifically in Dynamics 365 business applications where there is an unprecedented shortage of tech skills, a situation that has been exacerbated by an increase in remote working due to the pandemic.

Demand for workers with skills in Microsoft Dynamics products remains high in most markets, particularly for older mission critical instances and the rapidly growing Dynamics 365 product family.

Hiring a relevant IT consulting company such as IntelliTech Consulting, bridges the gap while you find, and onboard new resources, is an excellent solution – if you can find one that is available. Again, there is a shortage and many of those with the expertise in the demand areas, such as Dynamics Finance and Operations, have contracts in place for the next few years.

From functional consultants, solutions architects, and developers for Dynamics 365 business applications, IntelliTech has the talent to fulfil this shortage of skills. They have delivery centres in Africa and the Middle East and are diversified across verticals such as BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Supply Chain Management and E-Commerce with an increased strategic alliance between local and international players to deliver solutions across the globe.

At IntelliTech Consulting, we serve clients from various industries by helping them face their business challenges. If there’s one thing, we are proud of, it is without a shade of doubt, our clients’ success.

Contact us today at info@intellitechconsulting.net or visit us at www.intellitechconsulting.net and book an appointment with a strategic business improvement advisor for your digital transformation needs.

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