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Learning, adapting and evolving is the key to Kyocera's 20 year success in South Africa

Learning, adapting and evolving is the key to Kyocera's 20 year success in South Africa

As an organisation, Kyocera Document Solutions has gone from a ceramics specialist, to an electronics company, to a manufacturer of print devices, to a company that specialises in everything relating to document and data management for businesses of all sizes.

"It is a remarkable achievement, and one I'm incredibly proud to have been involved with,"says Wayne Holborn, Managing Director of KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa (KDZA). "Here in South Africa, the Kyocera Document Solutions office has been open for 20 years, and over that time I've watched with pride and intrigue how our office and partners have adapted, overcome and continued to grow."

"We couldn't have done it without the right mindset, one where learning, adapting, and evolving are not just highfalutin ideas, but integral to the very fabric of our company culture. From that, we've created numerous innovative and market-leading programmes and products that have helped our customers through their digital transformation journeys."

By constantly being on the lookout for opportunities to learn and adapt, Kyocera realised that workplaces are more than just spaces in which to do work – they're living, breathing locations that, with a bit of care and attention, can become smarter workspaces.

To help partners and their customers realise the benefits of these smarter workspaces, Kyocera invested in the requisite skills, knowledge and expertise in process optimisation. With their own commitment to learning, evolving, and growing, we've updated our vision of today's office to one where all processes are digitised from start to finish.

This is where the managed services that assists the digitalisation process comes into play: through intelligent business-enablement solutions that help the processes to live within the organisation. By doing that with information security and collaboration front of mind, and using a platform of managed services of content and processes, Kyocera is driving towards changing the way workers work for the better, while also enhancing the business's value proposition. The next 20 years will be just as exciting as the last 20 years.

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