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Telecel Zimbabwe heats up competition with number switching

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Zimbabwe , 18 Dec 2014

Telecel Zimbabwe heats up competition with number switching

Telecel Zimbabwe is now allowing subscribers switching over to its network from rival networks to keep the last six digits of their previous mobile number. This forms part of a switch over campaign aimed at luring network users from competitors, Econet Wireless and state run NetOne.

However, industry insiders confirmed on Thursday, the Zimbabwean telecoms regulatory authority, Potraz, has not yet allowed mobile number portability in the southern African country.

Zimbabwe's mobile industry is almost saturated. The country has a population of approximately 12 million people and there are over 10 million mobile phone users.

This has seen the three mobile operators introduce programs and promotions aimed at winning over subscribers from each other. Telecel said it's newly introduced "number matching campaign allows subscribers on other networks to retain the last six digits of their mobile numbers if they decide to move" over to Telecel.

The Telecel Zimbabwe head of marketing, Clever Isaya, said: "The Switch Over campaign is an answer to requests from potential customers who would like to move over to our network but are worried about losing the identity that comes with the mobile number they have become accustomed to."

He said there had been high demand from "Zimbabwean mobile subscribers (who) have been requesting Mobile Number Portability (MNP) which enables them to retain their full mobile numbers when changing from one network to the other".

He however, highlighted that "full Mobile Number Portability is yet to be introduced into the country by the regulating authority, Potraz".

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