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Ivory Coast pushes responsible use of social media

By , ITWeb
Ivory Coast , 17 Aug 2023
Communication and Digital Economy Minister Amadou Coulibaly.
Communication and Digital Economy Minister Amadou Coulibaly.

Due to the increasing popularity of social media and the possible hazards it poses to individuals and society at large, Ivory Coast’s government is undertaking a programme to encourage safe and responsible use.

The programme, led by Communication and Digital Economy Minister Amadou Coulibaly, intends to change the way citizens connect and use social networks.

The ‘Responsabilité Numérique 225’ plan aims to encourage the responsible and ethical usage of social networks through education, awareness-raising, and fostering innovation.

It is hoped the project will help to position the country as a trailblazer in West African digital awareness and education.

Coulibaly said: "We are striving to establish a digital trust environment for all of our residents. Ivory Coast is delighted to lead this endeavour. We are taking a major step towards a safer and more enlightened digital future for both our country and our area by encouraging responsible usage of social media."

The plan comprises different activities, including workshops, seminars, and training courses across the country to raise awareness, educate and for skills development on responsible use of social media and content creation. 

It will also involve the community through the development of an online platform and knowledge-sharing events about usage best practice.

A fund will be established to encourage start-ups and projects that contribute to the positive and responsible use of social media. And a continuous evaluation and improvement feedback loop will be integrated.

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