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Kenya attracts Microsoft's top brass for Windows 10 launch

Kenya , 29 Jul 2015

Kenya attracts Microsoft's top brass for Windows 10 launch

Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella has reportedly landed in Kenya ahead of the international launch of Windows 10 on 29 July.

Windows 10 is has been described as a productive and collaborative version that helps users access the same document across different devices.

Ahead of the Kenya launch in Nairobi, Rotimi Olumide, business group director, Windows Division for sub Saharan Africa briefed local media and stressed the importance of seamless experience that Windows 10 users will have.

"We are enabling seamless experience on any Windows device for our customers," Olumide explained. "We will now have one app store for all our devices, one converged application environment, one management infrastructure and one deployment environment for our customers."

The Windows 10 will offer only one operating system for computers, phones, tablets and Xbox services.

"What is important from our perspective and our mission is focussed on three areas: Building an intelligent cloud, enhancing productivity, and most importantly for Windows, is creating a more personal computing experience for our customers," Olumide deduced.

He added that the new version offers a friendly interface as opposed to Windows 8 which many had a hard time to begin with.

"We have a strong interaction with our users and we have a real significance on the development of Windows 10. We had over five million individuals subscribe on our Windows insider feedback programme by giving inputs and insights to develop the programme," Olumide said.

Developers will now be able to easily translate their Android or iOS applications into Windows environment, making launching them on the windows environment easy. Olumide hopes that this will see greater apps in the Windows app store.

Developers will also be able to create extensions for Windows' new browser, Edge and the development SDK will be available in a week's time.

Other functions of Windows 10 include biometric identification, Cortana (a computer aided personal assistant) and virtual desktops where users can launch various apps on different pop up screens.

Licensed users will have a free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1 to Windows 10. The global pricing for the license will remain the same as Windows 8: Windows 10 Home will sell at US$119, while Windows 10 Pro will cost US$199.

Microsoft has confirmed it will launch upgrades on Windows 10, but there are no plans for a new version launch for at least the next decade.

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