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IBM executive webinar to deep dive into hybrid multi cloud

By , ITWeb
South Africa , 26 Nov 2020

IBM, in conjunction with ITWeb, will host an executive webinar on 2 December 2020 focused on the hybrid multi cloud Power Systems-based vision, strategy and journey.

IBM says cloud computing is a catalyst for today’s organisations to run enterprise infrastructure including on-demand access to compute resources, disaster recovery solutions, invisible infrastructure maintenance, security patches, more effectively.

The company adds that issues such as security, reliability, compatibility with on premise infrastructure and costs associated with cloud adoption have led to many organisations embracing a hybrid multi cloud approach in order to expand their business opportunities and enable competitive agility.

This event is aimed at IT decision-makers in small to medium enterprises involved in IT Infrastructure i.e. cloud, servers and data centres, management.

This executive webinar will explore why it’s essential that every layer of a company’s IT hardware and software stack remains secured – end-to-end.

Along with a presentation by Rishi Nirghin, Executive – IBM Systems, South Africa, several executive members of the company – including Shiven Harrichunder, Costa Lochaitis and Waleed Ezzat - will unpack use cases, solutions and strategies to help businesses seamlessly navigate integration with IBM Power Systems.

IBM adds that attendees will find out how POWER9 servers can meet all the needs of a SAP HANA and SAS Viya environment, how to use IBM Power Systems to effectively host Oracle database and application deployments, as well as Explore how to increase operational and budgetary flexibility by way of levering IBM Power Systems in both the public and private cloud.

Technologist, author and podcaster Johan Steyn, Senior Manager: Process Innovation, IQ Business, is scheduled to serve as MC for the event.

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