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Uber, Total unite to benefit Kenyan driver-partners

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Kenya , 21 Jul 2016

Uber, Total unite to benefit Kenyan driver-partners

Uber in Kenya has announced a partnership with oil company Total to roll out deals to Kenya driver partners until 25 July.

Driver-partners who apply for Total fuel cards will receive a solar lantern worth KES1000, and are eligible to receive a discount on every litre of fuel which gets loaded onto their Total fuel cards, as well as on car washes.

Nate Anderson, General Manager for Uber in Kenya, "We are delighted to be able to offer these extra benefits to driver-partners thanks to Total Kenya, which sees them being charged less for fuel, and we know every little bit helps when you're working for yourself."

Anderson also said it is important for the ride-hailing company to partner with a company like Total which has a network of 181 stations across Kenya. "Without our network of driver-partners, we wouldn't be able to keep the people of Nairobi moving."

Alban Tarneaud, Marketing Manager at Total Kenya said, "The partnership will not only benefit driver-partners but also result to significant brand synergies for the two partners. We are excited about our new partnership with Total. It gives us an opportunity to show our commitment and appreciation to driver-partners. Not only will they receive great benefits but this exclusive partnership will help reduce their daily costs and allow them to take home more money."

Meanwhile, mobile operator Safaricom and software solutions provider Craft Silicon have launched a Kenyan taxi hailing solution called Little Cab. The owners claim that the app is the most affordable on the market based on a minimum fare of Ksh270 (USD2.67) and a cost of KSh55 (USD0.54) per km.

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