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Video: ICT SMME Chamber boss receives Lifetime Achievement award

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Africa , 20 Nov 2023
Loyiso Tyira, managing director of the ICT SMME Chamber.
Loyiso Tyira, managing director of the ICT SMME Chamber.

Loyiso Tyira, managing director of the ICT SMME Chamber, received the Empire Partner Foundation (EPF) Tech for Innovation and Social Impact Awards' inaugural annual Lifetime Achievement award.

Tyira, who also serves on the boards of MICT SETA and Broadband Infraco, was honoured last week at a ceremony in Monte Casino for his work to improve small company entrepreneurs in the ICT field.

The Empire Partner Foundation, a tech NGO, honoured some of the most prominent figures in South Africa's tech community. During the first event, held at the Monte Casino in Johannesburg, the foundation gave awards to high-performing tech practitioners

"First, let me say I'm humbled by the recognition by the judges and EPF because one of the things that we've faced in this journey of building a culture of innovation in the country is that we are leading change, we are leading things that people are not used to," Tyira said of the award.

“Even in the entities in which we sit. Where you come in and introduce some of the things that people demand, how things should be done, and an innovative culture. You face a lot of opposition. It can also lead to sleepless nights. I can tell you that in some of the boards on which I serve, it takes a lot of effort to get to the point where we can get things done.

"There are people who see and appreciate what we're doing, and there are partners who are willing to walk this journey with you. And I think for myself and those who are on this journey of leading the country's digital transformation and innovation. Such recognition motivates us to keep going and to be able to help and bring more people along for the ride.”

"We aim to drive financial inclusion, promote rural development, and offer unwavering support to the startups that form the backbone of the tech industry," said Joanna Jacqueline Govender, CEO of the EPF Fund, who hosted the awards.

“Our dedication extends to embracing diversity as a catalyst for innovation and growth, upholding the greatest ethical standards in all we do, and dedicating ourselves to bettering the lives of the communities we serve.

“The EPF Tech Awards are more than just an award ceremony; they are a celebration of South Africa's outstanding achievements in the realm of technology."

The full list of the inaugural EPF Tech Awards 2023 winners:

1. Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Momint

2. Global Impact Award – Smart View Technology

3. Tech Leader Industry Award – The Good People Data Company

4. Outstanding Women in Tech Award – Rachel Nomcebo Magagula

5. Leadership and Community Award – Elle Cup

6. Lifetime Achievement Award – Loyiso Tyira

7. Young/Emerging Innovator Award – Greenshare Virtual Power Plant

8. Best Tech Startup Award – Innoble

9. Best Tech Product Award – Omni Secure

10. NPO Award – GirlCode ZA

11. Best Tech Solution Award – Foonda Africa

12. Youngest innovator Award – Phakiso Ditlhale

13. Social impact award which – Reatec

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