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Lack of consumer trust - there's no app for that

By , ITWeb
Africa , 04 Feb 2015

Lack of consumer trust - there's no app for that

Trust remains the largest single obstacle to growth in the mobile content and commerce industry, according to the MEF Global Consumer Trust Report 2015.

The report analyses data from 15,000 mobile media users in 15 countries across five continents. It explores the key areas of trust, privacy, transparency and security to identify their impact on mobile consumers globally, from purchasing a new device to downloading apps or paying for goods and services.

In South Africa a lack of trust in the market studied has been measured at 35% in 2015, up from 31% in 2014.

In Kenya the level has been recorded as 28% in 2015, up from 24% in 2014. Nigeria, widely recognised as a high growth mobile market, the figures are 29% in 2015, up from 27% in 2014.

40% of global respondents indicated that a lack of trust is the number one factor that prevents them from downloading items more often.

The study showed an increase in resistance to sharing personal information, with 72% of mobile users claiming they are not happy to share this information.

58% of mobile users in South Africa do not trust using apps, while in Kenya the figure stands at 60% and in Nigeria 53%.

Andrew Bud, MEF Global Chair, is quoted as saying, "Trust is the most important asset of any business, and consumer confidence must underpin the mobile ecosystem. The sustainability of the mobile industry depends on it. As mobile devices and services evolve, consumers will hold business ever more accountable.

"MEF's 2015 Consumer Trust Report highlights how trust issues are impacting consumer behaviours in different markets. It is absolutely clear that the mobile industry must create equitable, informed partnerships with consumers, putting trust at the centre of the relationship. Consumer trust must be earned by consistently applying high levels of transparency, security and privacy to every mobile interaction."

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