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Rwanda injects $1.4bn into ICT projects

By , ITWeb
Rwanda , 28 Jun 2012

Rwanda injects $1.4bn into ICT projects

A cyber security programme is set to receive the bulk of Rwanda’s $1.4 billion given to ICT projects in that country, a senior government official has announced.

Rwanda's minister of information and communication technology, Jean Philbert Nsengimana, said the 2012/2013 budget allocation would be channeled largely towards the implementation of the programmes in National Information Communication (NIC-III) programme, which promotes cyber security awareness, and aims to protect country's the country’s ICT assets against such cyber attacks..

“We cannot develop this sector effectively if we don’t promote cyber security awareness,” said Nsengimana.

He also said there are other key sectors the government wanted ICT to help improve, such as technology skills development, internet penetration into the countryside, connectivity and e-government.

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