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Alcatel OneTouch rebrands as Alcatel

Alcatel OneTouch rebrands as Alcatel

Alcatel OneTouch, a member of TCL Communication, has announced that it going forward it will operate as Alcatel.

In a statement the company said the decision to rebrand was prompted by an increase in its business within key segments and markets, especially its target market of millennials.

The company is using the Mobile World Congress, underway in Barcelona, to launch a new lineup of products aimed at the younger market.

"With the launch of its new branding, ALCATEL is also increasing its engagement with millennials, who are uncompromising in what they expect from brands in their everyday lives. ALCATEL seeks to offer the features and technology their customers need, but keep surprising the users with great experiences," the company says.

The company has emphasised features like customisable covers, DJ mixing software, amped-up audio systems and an innovative virtual reality experience.

"Millennials want to have fun, but they also want those experiences to be simple, meaningful and authentic," said Dan Dery, Chief Marketing Officer at ALCATEL. "Because both quality and price are important to millennials, we feel that ALCATEL — with our DNA of making innovation accessible to everyone — is uniquely in tune with their needs."

Alcatel engages all countries in Africa, including Seychelles and Mauritius. Egypt is the only exception because it falls under the MEA region, according to the company.

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