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Zambia’s Zamtel targets a subscriber base of seven million by 2023

By , ITWeb’s Zambian correspondent.
Zambia , 06 Sep 2021

Zambia Telecommunications Company (Zamtel) has announced a target of seven million subscribers by the end of 2023, up from its current base of 3.7-million.

CEO Sydney Mupeta said the target represents an increase of 20%, from the current 20% to 40%.

He said the company has invested in network capacity to enable it to carry the anticipated increase in traffic.

According to Mupeta Zamtel has been on a steady growth path over the past few years and this trajectory has exerted pressure on both its network and subscriber management capabilities.

He added that Zamtel has successfully completed the first phase of an overhaul of its core data network equipment to improve the internet service. This included an upgrade of the company’s node capacity in Lusaka from 12Gbps to 52Gbps. 

The second phase, which is underway, will involve upgrading the 12Gbps node capacity to 52Gbps at Woodlands technical centre (Lusaka).

Zamtel believes once customers migrate to the new core network in November, they will enjoy a vastly improved internet experience.

Mupeta said the company stands ready to partner with the government and the private sector to develop innovative digital solutions and services that will respond to some of the country’s challenges.

“With a firm focus of positioning the business for further long-term growth, the board and management have decided to invest significantly in new network capacity equipment that will enable the business to continue capturing new customers without compromising the quality of both voice and data services,” said Mupeta.

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