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BotswanaPost details protection strategy as cyber threats mount

BotswanaPost said it will implement security measures as the number of cyber attacks increase and place data at risk.

This follows an assessment by the parastatal’s risk and compliance team which confirmed an increase in cyber security risks, particularly those linked to COVID-19.

“We are committed to the protection of our critical information technology ecosystem. Our disaster recovery plans enable for return to normal business operations from disruptive incidents in the shortest possible time, should they occur,” said BotswanaPost Chairperson Nathan Monametse Kgabi.

Kgabi added that the intention is to introduce routine testing and enhancement of cyber-security protocols, including cyber-security awareness campaigns and training programmes, as well as a concerted effort to reduce reliance on third parties for technical support.

This dependence causes disruption if and when contracts are terminated or if services are not forthcoming.

It also plans to launch standalone systems with no interface capabilities. Systems that have this capability can compromise data integrity and raise the risk of fraud.

It also plans to automate risk management processes that will result in efficiencies in recording, monitoring and reporting of risk events.

The system will also act as an early warning system when certain key thresholds are approached or exceeded.

BotswanaPost CEO Cornelius Ramatlhakwane said despite the negativity attached to COVID-19, the postal service is ready to capitalise on the opportunities that the pandemic presents, including online payments and money transfers, e-commerce, couriers, logistics and warehousing, as well as ecosystems that are inter-operable.

Over the past two years, BotswanaPost launched Virtual Post Box to increase access to the postal network and Virtual Teller Machine, a low-cost alternative way to access services banking and money transfer in areas with low financial services penetration.

“Also on the near horizon is our Digital Post Office (DigiPost), which will help retailers of all sizes to creatively reinvent their businesses,” said Ramatlhakwane, adding that the initiative will broaden the range of products available to citizens without the need for them to visit the post office in person.

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