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DRC mobile tech startup wants in on global action

Congo (DRC) , 17 Jul 2015

DRC mobile tech startup wants in on global action

VMK, a technology startup based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has launched a production unit of its mobile phones to its domestic market, Reuters reports and, according the company's leadership, the aim is to take on the likes of Apple, Samsung and Blackberry.

The company started in 2009 by its chief executive Verone Mankou, with the objective to help develop and tap into Africa's rapidly expanding mobile phone market.

VMK's mobile phones are designed in Congo and its brand portfolio includes a tablet Way-C, Elikia smartphone and Moke, a mobile phone aimed at the lower end of the market.

The products are said to have been formerly assembled in China and then imported.

Mankou is quoted as saying, "We will now be doing in Congo what we have been doing in China. We will import the [raw] materials."

The company's Elikia offering retails in Congo and Ivory Coast, and the plan is to expand to other regions on the continent.

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