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jp.ik, Portuguese company, leads pioneering journey in technology for education

By , ITWeb
Kenya , 29 Nov 2018

jp.ik, Portuguese company, leads pioneering journey in technology for education

jp.ik became known in Portugal for Magalhaes, student devices received within the national ICT-based project.

Ten years after, jp.ik is leading the worldwide field of technology for education, acting in more than 70 countries, with more than 20 large-scale ICT education projects implemented, which transformed the lives of more than 15 million children and capacitated 300 000 teachers.

Ten years ago, Portugal was a pioneer. Today, many countries are implementing technological solutions for education, with the Portuguese project as a reference.

Focusing on Africa, last October, jp.ik teamed up with Intel, taking into account two classrooms for primary and secondary education, with more innovative technology in Senegal. In addition, with its pedagogical team, jp.ik ensured the capacitation of teachers and technicians, so they can use all the potential of the equipment.

Besides, jp.ik has taken the PopUp School project to several countries in the African continent. The PopUp School is multipurpose classroom equipped with the most innovative technology designed for education and built with renewable energies. The PopUp School, which can be installed in five days, is one of the projects that jp.ik will present in Zimbabwe from 28 to 30 November, at Innovation Africa 2018, a referral ministerial forum on the African continent, where jp.ik will present its projects that have revolutionised the way of learning and teaching.

"Digital transformation brings incredible opportunities to emerging countries and Africa is grabbing this opportunity. This transformation transcends all spheres of our life. And education is no exception. The Digital Literacy Programme in Kenya is an excellent example of technology as a catalyst for equal opportunities. It is also our most recent project, ambitious and challenging, which has benefited more than 600 000 primary school children," explains Nick Broda, Head of Sales of jp.ik.

With the purpose of strengthening its presence in Africa, jp.ik will participate at Innovation Africa 2018, considered Africa's Official Ministerial Forum, taking place from 28 until 30 November, in Harare, Zimbabwe.

During this three-day event, jp.ik will showcase the PopUp School that is a structure designed to be the pillar of an entire community and can function as a community centre, a training centre, a medical post or a school. Installed in five days, this multi-purpose classroom can use renewable energy and is equipped with the most innovative technology designed for education. Therefore, it will be one of the central elements of the participation of jp.ik Innovation Africa 2018, where it can be experienced through an augmented reality film.

In the market since 2008, and celebrating 10 years, jp.ik is a leader in technologies for education, and its mission is to promote the sustainable development of communities through the integration of technology in education.

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