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Television content distributor Discop bets big on Kenya

Kenya , 27 Jun 2013

Television content distributor Discop bets big on Kenya

Audio visual content distributor Discop is betting big on Kenya’s television market growth by hiring a manager to oversee Kenya’s participation in Discop’s South Africa conference.

The annual meetup aims to bring together content buyers, content sellers and content producers together to network and do business across the continent.

Faisal Malik, the Discop Kenyan manager, has told ITWeb Africa that the company plans to open offices in Johannesburg in July to enhance the buying and selling of African audio visual content.

“I think Kenya is a market to watch,” Malik said.

“There is a lot of content being churned out, but not enough, still can be more, but there is a level of professionalism and there is quality being delivered. This might be because a lot of international productions have come to Kenya. But it should be the next big thing in television and film production.”

But East Africa is facing great competition with more advanced markets such as Nigeria and Ghana.

“We do have a Nigerian presence, a manager who runs on the business there,” Malik said.

Malik has told ITWeb Africa that their presence is felt in all emerging markets and developed audio visual markets.

The exhibition space for the Discop’s African November conference is fully booked and the organisation says it has already booked a maximum of 15 spaces for the Kenyan pavilion.

The Discop conference plans to also offer new pitching formats to enlarge the variety of African television content.

“Two years ago we started a programme where you come and pitch a format and get funding for a programme. Now this year we are looking at Animation. So there is always possibilities coming up. As the market grows there are new ideas coming up and new concepts, so it is an ever changing scenarios. So we really need to develop alongside that,” Malik said.

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