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SAP targets Nigeria’s states, municipalities

By , ITWeb
Nigeria , 05 Jun 2013

SAP targets Nigeria’s states, municipalities

German-headquartered business software firm SAP has said it is targeting Nigerian cities and even states with its offerings.

Cities that SAP says it has sold its software to include the likes of Port Harcourt, Kano, Lagos and Abuja.

SAP says its offerings are helping to bring modern billing, business management as well as improved communications and cashflow management solutions to local government in the country.

Responding to questions, SAP West Africa regional managing director, Richard Edet, said his company's solutions are ‘transforming’ such states as Kaduna, Plateau and Delta, which he said were now running the SAP technologies.

The technologies are implemented under the auspices of the SAP Urban Matters Initiative, say company officials

"SAP has successfully implemented several solutions and applications in the cities of Cape Town, Tshwane (Pretoria) and Johannesburg in South Africa. Nigeria is clearly also a very a important market for SAP and the organisation is working closely with the Nigerian government and public sector, helping them to improve service delivery and bring government closer to its citizens," said Edet.

He said the strong partnerships between SAP and Nigerian municipalities and cities has resulted in an increase in revenue through well-organized, transparent tax and revenue management, as well as a boost in operational efficiency and monitoring of public finance.

"This has resulted in an overall improvement in governance at reduced costs; a win for all involved," Edet said.

He said with so many challenges facing cities and urban settlements, the SAP Urban Matters initiative had become relevant to the Nigerian community and the rest of Africa.

"The solution focuses on helping a city's customers and partners address all the issues associated with rapid urbanisation, the drive for smarter economies, the need for sustainable growth and the power of connected citizens," Edet said.

"The initiative's primary focus is helping urban governments deliver better-run cities. SAP's strategy addresses the five key aspects that keep officials awake at night.

"This includes supporting the fundamentals of good government; empowering public officials to be more productive; increasing community engagement and openness; driving innovation around government service delivery; and improving urban resilience to help ensure public safety and security," Edet said

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