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EMEA in need of more data management tech, advice

EMEA in need of more data management tech, advice

Data protection and information management specialist Commvault has partnered with data management firm DMP (Data Management Professionals) to address what the companies say is a high demand in Europe and South Africa for a knowledge party in the field of data management.

The companies have already established a ten-year alliance in the Netherlands, with DMP a long-time affiliate of the Commvault partner program.

The objective now is to focus on customer acquisition and roll out of new solutions to the EMEA region, with initial focus on South Africa, Germany and Spain, where both organisations have offices.

According to a joint statement released by the companies, based on their successful formula and the Dutch knowledge centre, local sales and technical teams will get to work with this jointly developed blueprint.

"An assessment will be made for each country to determine how this plan would be adapted to their local needs. In those countries where cooperation has intensified, there are plans to invest in expansion in the areas of sales, support and managed services," reads an excerpt from the statement.

In June 2019 a study by Oracle stated that on average, less than 40% of companies in EMEA are confident they can master their data (manage, secure and gain insight from data) and use it responsibly.

According to the study, on average 42% of respondents do not have a data management strategy in place, although South African companies are most likely to have one, with 46% of South African respondents saying that they have a strategy in place.

The research showed South African companies' priorities are to enhance security controls and procedures (42%); to enforce technologies enabling insight availability instantly, anyplace, anytime - securely (42%) and to promote internal awareness and education to threats (36%).

Of the partnership established between Commvault and DMP, Bruce Park, vice president EMEA channels at Commvault, said, "Over the years, DMP has proven to be a valuable knowledge partner of Commvault at all levels. Customers are increasingly business-driven and are always looking for solutions that will help them with their business operations."

Clement-John de Leeuw, Partner Business Manager at Commvault added: "The expertise that Commvault and DMP have in the field of data management in the Netherlands has certainly already proven its worth. We are pleased that we are now also going to join forces in other EMEA countries."

Eric Evers, CTO at DMP explained: "Commvault and DMP have been working together structurally for many years and serve active customers worldwide. Both teams are working closely together in both commercial and technical areas, developing campaigns to serve the market. What we have achieved in the various countries will be further intensified. DMP's managed services based on Commvault software and our Hybrid Cloud, based on our data centres in the various countries, will provide an even better solution for our customers. The EMEA partnership agreement demonstrates our commitment to further intensify cooperation."

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