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Huawei to launch new all-flash storage solutions

Huawei to launch new all-flash storage solutions

Multinational ICT firm Huawei is scheduled to launch what it describes as the industry's first new-generation convergent all-flash system, as well as an entry-level storage system aimed at the SME, at the Huawei South Africa Eco-Connect Conference in Johannesburg on Thursday 20 April.

In May 2016 the Chinese company launched IT Flash Storm to the South African market, a campaign centred around the rollout of Sold State Drive (SSD) product at the same price point as current 15000 RPM hard disk drive storage infrastructure.

The campaign signalled the company's aggressive push to secure early advantage within the growing global storage market.

Almost a year later, ahead of its Eco-Connect Conference, the company detailed its intention to unveil the OceanStor Dorado V3, designed to process overloaded key applications in enterprises using features such as flash-oriented storage OS, chips and Solid State Drive (SSD) end-to-end in-depth optimisation.

Jonas Arndt, Senior Cloud Solution Architect of the Huawei Global Solution Elite Team points out: "As early as five years ago, Huawei foresaw the immense potential for flash memory and released the first-generation all-flash products. This enables Huawei to accumulate rich experience in and market opportunities for flash memory. The Huawei OceanStor Dorado V3, emerging in response to the demand for core overload applications, possesses leading characters that the similar products in the industry entirely lack and speeds up enterprises' core applications without compromising reliability and data processing efficiency."

OceanStor 2000 V3 Series

The company will also introduce the OceanStor 2000 V3 Series, aimed specifically at the developing small and medium enterprise.

According to Huawei, the solution is designed to support "anytime, anywhere management and gateway-free consolidation of third-party devices", and its SmartConfig system is aimed at efficient storage resource allocation to simplify data management.

The company markets this offering as "the only entry-level storage systems supporting active-active protection at the array level."

Huawei believes the latest storage systems will assist SMEs in their challenge in dealing with tight budgets and a shortage of specialised IT maintenance teams

"SMEs face many challenges in managing complex IT systems. Varied service applications brings with it a wide range of IT brands, which may result in information silos and thus create obstacles for unified management and data sharing. As their business expands, SMEs are confronted with issues of how to maintain continuous quality and reliability for critical services," the company adds.

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