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SA businessman advances to global Mobile Heroes finals

By , ITWeb
Africa , 25 Aug 2023
AB Moosa, Afri-Tec Technologies, showcasing his app.
AB Moosa, Afri-Tec Technologies, showcasing his app.

AB Moosa, CEO of Afri-Tec Technologies in South Africa, has advanced to the finals of the 2023 Global Mobile Heroes Awards.

Mobileheroes is a global platform that honours tech talent and is supported by the Taiwan government and the country’s tech industry.

The Mobileheroes 2023 is intended to showcase disruptive ideas of new businesses that use technology.

According to the organisers, they are focusing on new solutions/services in sectors such as 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence, and the solutions or services must also be feasible for global market expansion, as well as having a business strategy for commercialisation.

Moosa will compete in the finals for his Afri-Tec Alert, an emergency solution emergency alert app, in November.

The multi-platform smartphone application has been favourably received by activists, who believe it will be a vital tool in future anti-GBV efforts.

The software was revealed last year during the launch of the #END GBV-campaign in collaboration with the tech non-profit Empire Partner Foundation.

"Our safety alert platform aligns perfectly with the goals of the Mobileheroes Awards," Moosa remarked.

“We are excited to present our solution and contribute to industrial progress through innovative ideas, and in particular with our safety app and its potential to make a difference in the fight against gender-based violence, and other safety issues. This recognition further motivates us to continue developing technologies that address pressing social issues and have a positive impact on communities worldwide."

"This recognition is a powerful motivator for us to continue pioneering technologies that address critical societal issues and generate positive transformations in communities around the world,” added Empire Partner Foundation's Joanna Govender

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