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MTN ups 4G investment in Ghana

Ghana , 27 Jun 2016

MTN ups 4G investment in Ghana

MTN has officially launched its 4G LTE services in Ghana, after finalising payment in January on the US$67.5-million 4G 800MHz FDD spectrum license it secured in December 2015.

Mohammed Rufai, MTN Ghana's Chief Technical Officer, described 4G LTE as 'transformational'. "4G LTE is 5 to 10 times faster than 3G means faster internet download and upload speeds. Overall, the data experience of MTN subscribers is improved significantly."

Rufai said the company had no plans to change its current data rates. "Instead, we are offering subscribers a much longer speed and 100% bonus on any bundle they purchased. The 4G LTE enables you to watch television, shop online and download faster."

MTN has confirmed it has set aside an additional US$18 million to roll out the 4G LTE service across Ghana.

General Manager Noel Kojo Ganson said "We are available in all regional capitals as we speak today. The coverage extension and extension is continuing, we are not going to stop till we cover the whole entire country and ensure that every person in Ghana who has a 4G device and has a 4G SIM is fully activated to enjoy better internet experiences."

The mobile network operator plans to spend an overall US$94-million this year to boost operations in Ghana.

Cynthia Lumor, Corporate Services Executive at MTN Ghana, said US$62-million would be expended on upgrading 3G sites, US$14-million on IT and US$18-million would be invested in 4G LTE. 'Since 2006, MTN has so far invested $2.5 billion and has increased its subscribers from 2.4 million to 17 million subscribers. We are not complacent as a company, we are doing more to improve our services," she said.

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