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US telco UBTS scouts for opportunity in Cameroon

By , Freelance Investigative Journalist
Cameroon , 14 Sep 2022

US-based global telecommunications infrastructure and digital platform Universal Broadband and Technology Services (UBTS) International is investigating opportunities to tap into the Cameroon market through its local affiliate UBTS Cameroon S.A.

After obtaining a licence last year from the country’s telecommunications regulator to establish and operate terrestrial radio networks, a delegation of UBTS executives is in the country to engage with representatives from the industry, government officials and other stakeholders.

The intention is to secure opportunities to deploy IT solutions.

This week UBTS executives met with Cameroon’s Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute to present the company’s vision and strategy.

CEO of UBTS International Ngueti Armand Gaetan said UBTS is committed to offer urban and rural communities cost-effective and affordable broadband internet as well as next-generation digital solutions.

“The Prime Minister was very supportive and smiling in terms of the vision UBTS International and UBTS Cameroon has for Cameroon,” Ngueti said, adding that the PM promised government’s support in facilitating their entry into the market.

According to Ngueti, Cameroon’s important geographical position, the number of its youth that have an interest in ICT and its multi-cultural profile make it a strategic market in Africa.

UBTS plans to provide fixed Wi-Fi broadband B2B and B2C services. In addition to the installation and maintenance of corporate networks, telephone/data transmission terminals and radio installations, UBTS will also be engaged in the construction and maintenance of switching systems, cable, radio and satellite transport and distribution networks, as well as transmission and video communication equipment.

UBTS International looks to compete with established operators in the country including Camtel, Orange, MTN and Nexttel.

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